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"The opposite of addiction is a connection."

Southern D!scomfort is a new musical that meets at the intersection of August: Osage County and August Wilson as it weaves a captivating tale about an old-money family torn apart by greed, addiction, and a long-buried family secret.


Set in the sultry South, accompanied by an original score that spans R&B to Bayou Blues, peppered with emotional ballads and second-line gospel, Southern D!scomfort is a beautiful, timeless tapestry ultimately about finding understanding, love, forgiveness, and redemption.


The story revolves around Mrs. Catherine Dejoie, a member of Louisiana's polite society. Upon her death, she leaves her entire estate to her estranged granddaughter, Milla, under the condition that Milla returns to Louisiana from her 10-year self-imposed exile to bury Catherine. Milla reluctantly leaves her life in France to return to her ancestral home, Beaumont, a sprawling Southern mansion post the civil war. She reunites with her mother, Wilhelmina, a faded alcoholic debutante who struggles to bear the family's legacy. With the help of Louisa, the family's beloved maid, the women try to mend their relationship. However, during the funeral, a long-held secret is revealed, causing the family to spiral out of control.

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